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Novox Music is an independent record label started in 1983 by John Huling. The original concept of NOVOX, an artist owned label, was to create and release nature inspired spiritual instrumental music without or Novox. The sounds of nature with instrumental music crosses all cultural boundaries. One need not understand the language or the lyrics... the religion or the politics. There are none.

The music itself says all that is needed. The listener fills in the spaces with his or her own interpretation of the meaning, mood and feeling.


At Novox Music, we believe this creates a timelessness to the music allowing one to journey within the musical landscape of time and space. Each visit is different than the last. A Musical Journey if you will. Novox without words. Music Beyond Words!


Enjoy the music, the nature and the spirit that it brings to you. Thank you for supporting our art and our music!

John Huling

John Huling Music Playing Flute
Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Spiritlands - Ancestral Waters - Canyon Light

Sleeping Desert - Southwest Passages - Under Desert Skies

Spiritlands John Huling Ancestral Waters John Huling Canyon Light John Huling Sleeping Desert John Huling Southwest Passages John Huling Under Desert Skies John Huling

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