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Novox Music is an independent, artist owned record label started by John Huling in 1989 . The original concept of NOVOX MUSIC was to create and release instrumental music inspired by nature, spirit and geographic destinations like the Southwest, Oceans of the World and many of our National Parks… Music without words… “No-Vocals” or Novox.

Instrumental music composed with the sounds of nature crosses all cultural boundaries. One need not understand the language or the lyrics, the religion or the politics. There are none. The experience and feelings music creates is all you need. The music itself says all that is needed. The listener fills in the spaces with his or her own interpretation of the meaning, mood and feeling.

John Huling was one of the first artists to include nature sounds as part of the music composition rather than just adding them on as an after thought. At Novox Music, we believe this creates a timelessness to the music allowing one to journey within the musical landscapes of time and space. Each visit is different than the last. A Musical Journey if you will. Novox Music…Music Without Words. Music Beyond Words!

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"Every listen is different than the last."

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